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With our wide variety of light duty, heavy duty, air and electric hoists, let us help you select the right hoist for your application.

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Remote controls by Telemotive. The telePendant and telePilot can help you move more freely in any work area.

Ergonomic Partners is an ergonomic material handling solutions company specializing in improving worker productivity while reducing the risk and associated costs of worker injury. With over years of material handling experience, we combine the best offtheshelf ergonomic material handling and workstation equipment. Our custom designed and engineered lifting devices and special equipment solutions help to create optimum cost effective improvements for your most demanding projects.

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We manucture and specialize in custom lift assists, lifting devices, and bridge cranes. We work with manucturers as a master distributor of chain hoists, manipulator arms, adjusle work les, lift les and other ergonomic products.

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These vacuum lifters are ideal for box, sheet metal, roll and bag handling applications.

The Southworth Pallet Pal Spring automatically raises and lowers loads using a series of springs.

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Industrial Manipulators, torque arms, articulated arms and custom lifting arms for every application.

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Specifically engineered and manuctured for your application, custom lifting devices take the heavy lifting off your operators.

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Mobile Ergonomic Lifts are ideal for pharmaceutical drum lifting, roll handling, and many other ergonomic lifting applications

J.D. Neuhaus, CM Airstar, CM Shopair complete line of heavy and light duty air hoists.

Intelligent hoist; zero gravity lifting devices; intelligent lifting device.

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ConductixWampfler has assembled ergonomic, high quality Push Button Pendants since the early s.

Gantry cranes are perfect for applications where you need a porle and economical way to lift materials anywhere in your cility.

Intelligent lifting arm with zero gravity float mode capabilities.electric lift truckErgonomic Partners is a manucturer and turnkey provider for material handling applications

Crown Sitdown Rider Lift Truck SC Series Specificacrown lift trucktions

Crown equipment m series truck operator manual s

Trucks Crown Standup Rider Lift Truck RC Series Specifications

Trucks Crown Truck PW Series Operators Manual

Trucks Crown HeavyDuty Walkie Straddle Stacker SH Series Specifications

Sc , Sc , Sc , Sc , Sc

Pc series center control pallet truck s

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Trucks Crown Reach Truck SR H Series Specifications

Trucks Crown Stockpicker SP F Specifications

Mast Chart SC Series Lifting Height Free Lift Height* Tilt B/F degree Mast Collapsed Height Mast Extended Height* * Includes load backrest. ** Not available with drivein rack or doublefunction hydraulics. Standard Equipment . Crowns Access …

panel is conveniently located Both motors receive power, even with all test points, control in the tightest turns. This helps the truck to accelerate, turn and fuses and central wiring for maneuver even from a full turn easy troubleshooting. start position. Three modes of performance Cornering speed control can be selected to accommo…

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Trucks Crown Walkie Lift Truck WR Series Operators Manual

Crown Momentum symbol, Access , InfoPoint, encourages safe operating practices through eGEN, Intrinsic Sility System, FlexSeat and Work Assist are trademarks of Crown Equipment ongoing operator training, safetyfocused Corporation. supervision, maintenance and a safe working Crown Equipment Corporation environment.

Trucks Crown Rider Pallet Truck PR Series Specifications

Sh series heavyduty walkie straddle stacker s

Size Max Length . Width Height With Rollers / w/o Rollers Traction Motor, dia Lift Motor, dia For Attachments Specifications Crown Equipment Corporation Volts Sitdown Rider Cushion x / ITA Class II x x ….

Shr series heavyduty walkie reach stacker s

Trucks Crown Sitdown Rider Lift Truck FC Series Specifications

Crown Sitdown Rider Lift Truck SC Series Specifications

Trucks Crown Pallet Truck PC Series Specifications

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Trucks Crown HeavyDuty Walkie Reach Stacker SHR Series Specifications

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Crown equipment wr series walkie lift truck operator manual s

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SC S e r i e s Specifications SC Series Sitdown Rider Lift Truck…

Trucks Crown Stockpicker SP Series Specifications

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Lift Truck Belectric lift truckasics

Lift Truck Belectric lift truckasicsYou will need to know the maximum weight and dimensions of the loads you will be handling as well as the maximum fork needed to stack or rack the loads in order to determine the capacity of the vehicle needed. The lift capacity of a truck is affected by lift and load . A larger load moves the center of gravity of the vehicle/load combination reducing the lift capacity as does the the load is being lifted. Attachments also affect the capacity of a truck. Every lift truck is required to have a placard showing the rated capacities. If there are any changes made to the truck like adding an attachment the placard must be replaced with one showing the revised capacities. Why spend so much time on capacity? Why not just play it safe and get a higher rated truck? The answer is . Bigger is not necessarily better in warehousing. A higher capacity truck will be physically larger and require larger aisles than a lesser one.

Designed specifically for the handling of large rolls, the roll clamp clamps around the roll and also allows for a full degree rotation.

Would you purchase an RV to use for your daily commute to work in the city, or use a sports car for hauling lumber to job sites? Sounds ridiculous, however some companies make comparable mistakes when procuring lift trucks for their operations. There is an enormous variety of configurations and options available for the modern lift truck going r beyond weight capacity and lift . Doing a little homework up front to ensure you are choosing the best vehicles for your operation will result in optimal utilization of your space and labor while maintaining a high safety ctor.

Slip sheet attachments are used where slip sheets a sheet of cardboard, board, or plastic are used rather than pallets. The slip sheet attachments has a push/pull mechanism that clamps onto the slip sheet and pulls the load onto a thin platform and then pushes the load off of the platform when the truck reaches the destination.

AC or DC. Recently AC alternating current motors are being offered by several lift truck manucturers, and no, this does not mean that you will be driving around with a really long extension cord. AC powered lift trucks run off of DC batteries and convert the DC power back to AC to power the motor. The advantages of AC motors include ster acceleration, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

Tilt control allows you to preset fork tilt angles.

A Prong is a specialized rod attachment used for picking up rolls of materials such as carpet rolls, wire and cable spools, and rolled steel, by inserting the prong into the center of the spool.

Its also helpful if there is more than one business in your area that can service your lift truck. This tends to get you better service and pricing.

Dave Piasecki, is owner/operator ofInventory Operations Consulting LLC, a consulting firm providing services related to inventory management, material handling, and warehouse operations. He has over years experience in operations management and can be reached through his website where he maintains additional relevant information.

There are a handful of companies already testing hydrogen fuel cell power sources for industrial trucks more information on hydrogen fuel cells available atGeneralHydrogenHydrogenicsorcellexpower. The advantages of hydrogen fuel cell power include the ability to quickly refuel similar to LP, Gas, or Diesel avoiding the hassles and costs associated with battery changing/charging while providing the cleanair benefits of electric. Cost is still an issue at this point, but this is a technology to watch.

a.k.a. Order picker. Designed specifically for manual handling of lessthanpalletload quantities in racking. Manup design has fixed forks attached to a platform which elevates the load and the operator to cilitate manual loading and unloading from racking. Order Selectors are very narrow aisles vehicles which operate in aisles of less than . I also find order selectors very useful incycle counting and physical inventories.

. Content on InventoryOps is copyrightprotected and is not available for republication.

Inventory Operations Consulting LLCprovides Fast, Affordable, Expert assistance with Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations.

a.k.a. Standup reach, Straddle reach , Doubledeep reach. The reach truck is a narrow aisle truck designed specifically for racked pallet storage. It consists of outriggers in front and telescoping forks that use a hydraulic scissors mechanism that allows you to pick up the load and retract it over the outriggers. This reduces the overall truck and load length, allowing you to turn in a narrower aisle. Doubledeep reach trucks use an extended reach mechanism which allows you to store pallets two deep in specially designed doubledeep rack. Reach trucks are designed for racking areas only and do not work for loading trucks or quickly moving loads over distances. Operator training on reach trucks tends to take longer than on other vehicles due to the complexity of the controls.

Fork pivot. Allows the forks and carriage to pivot rotate. Used for transporting and dumping specially designed hoppers.

Pneumatic tires require air and are designed for use outdoors on uneven and loose suces. Pneumatic tire trucks will also have higher ground clearance which raises the center of gravity thus reducing its rated lift capacity.

Standard forklifts are usually used for lift s under feet.

Advantages of using LP include minimal fumes however heavy use indoors requires adequate ventilation, the ability to use both indoors and outdoors, and the ability to quickly change LP tanks. Commonly used in indoor/outdoor operations such as lumber yards.

The standard forklift, also known as a counterbalanced sitdown lift truck, is the vehicle most people think of when they think Lift truck or Forklift. It is available with any of the fuel s and tire s as well as numerous weight capacities, lift s and attachment options.

Dealer reps can be a great source of information and will assist in determining the appropriate vehicles, however, keep in mind that truck s can vary significantly from manucturer to manucturer especially on specialty equipment. Obviously the dealer rep will steer you towards something in his line regardless if there is a better alternative available elsewhere. When you have narrowed down the of vehicle you are interested in, ask the rep to set up a visit to a similar operation using this of vehicle and consider getting an onsite demo within your own cility. If you are still unsure I suggest renting one for a couple of months ask upfront if you can deduct a portion of the rental cost from the purchase price if you decide to buy.

Before a decision on the best vehicle for your operation you must have a thorough understanding of the properties of the materials you will be handling loads, the methods you will use to store these materials and the methods you will use to ship and receive these materials. Once this is done you should miliarize yourself with the variety of vehicles and options available see myLift Truck Pics and also spend some time at the various manucturers sites listed on myLinks Page. Below I have listed some of the different s of vehicles and their functionality.

Fork extensions slide over the existing forks on the truck to allow you to pick up longer loads.

Outdoor use only. Heavily used in construction, scrap yards, etc.

Single, double, triple, quad reflects the number of sections or stages the mast has these are the s of masts available . In many circumstances you will not need to make a choice here since the lift will dictate the of mast you will get, however, in trucks with very high lift s you may have an option. Going to a quad mast instead of a triple, rated at the same , will give you a shorter mast in the lowered position, eliminating overhead clearance issues. However, the more sections to the mast the more play it will have when extended the wobble ctor.

A selector is an option that allows you to preset certain fork s to correspond with rack levels. This option is most commonly used on reach trucks working at s above ft.

Regenerative braking. This technology recharges the batteries using the momentum of the lift truck when slowing down braking. The frequent starting/stopping of lift trucks make them an excellent application for this technology. Similar to the technology used in hybrid automobiles.

Fast charging. Fast charging provides a means to reduce or eliminate the need to change batteries on multishift operations. The idea here is to quickly recharge the batteries during breaks, lunches, and between shifts frequently called opportunity charging. Though more expensive than conventional charging systems, st charging is growing in popularity.

a.k.a. Walkie, Walkierider, Rider.. Motorized pallet trucks are the motorized version of the pallet jack. They come in Walkie versions or Rider versions. As you would expect the walkie is designed for the operator to walk along with the truck as they move loads, while the Rider has a small platform which the operator stands on. The riders work great for frequent moving of loads over extended distances within warehouses and manucturing operations. They are st and highly maneuverable. Minimal controls result in short learning curves for operators although precision turning takes a little practice. Since there is no operator safety cage, there are some safety concerns with these and I do not recommend them for transporting tall unsle loads. If you are looking for an inexpensive method for moving loads from point A to point B, a rider may the answer. If you are moving heavy loads short distances and are looking for an employeefriendly option to the pallet jack, check out a walkie.

Reach trucks are available with lift s up to feet, however, I dont recommend using them over feet as it becomes very difficult to place loads at that and puts a lot of strain on the operators neck and eyes.

You also need to consider Free Lift. Free lift describes the distance the forks can travel vertically before the mast starts to extend. Free lift is important if you need to stack or unstack loads within an area with a low ceiling, such as in trailers or containers.

Also important is seeing if they have rentals available that have similar capabilities of the vehicle you are buying. Again, this is very important for specialty vehicles such as turrets especially if you are only running one or two of these vehicles in your operation.

Wide Aisle. Standard forklifts ll into this category of trucks designed to work in aisles greater than wide.

< is provided as a free service byInventory Operations Consulting LLC.

Go toArticles Pagefor more articles byDave Piasecki.

Very Narrow Aisle VNA. Very narrow aisle trucks operate in aisles less than and often use guidance systems wire, rail, or optical to travel within the aisles. Types of VNA trucks are Order Selectors, Swing Mast, and Turret Trucks.

Electric vehicles are designed for indoor use only. Their big advantages are the absence of fumes and their quiet operation. If you only intend to use your vehicles indoors, this is the way to go. In multishift operations you will need additional batteries and charging/transfer stations. In single shift operations, or, if the truck is not used of the time, you can charge it during off hours. Note that the batteries and chargers for lift trucks are usually priced separately from the lift truck itself. You will also have choices of standard batteries or sealed maintenancefree s.

Fork Positioners allow the operator to adjust the distance between the forks without getting off of the truck. Used primarily in high volume operations where there is a great variety of pallet and crate s handled.

Lift trucks are classified by the s of aisles they are designed to operate in. Wide Aisle and Narrow Aisle trucks are designed to turn in the aisle while Very Narrow Aisle trucks do not turn within the aisle. Read my article onAisle Widthsfor more info.

Order selectors are available in lift s up to feet however to foot models are more common.

Operates like the roll clamp except the clamping suce is flat rather than circular.

Cushion Tires are solid tires generally with no tread pattern though tread patterns are available designed for use indoors on smooth solid suces.


Swing mast and turret trucks are very narrow aisle vehicles designed to work in aisles less than . A swing mast truck resembles a standard forklift with the exception that there is an additional function to swing the mast to a degree angle only one direction to allow stocking pallets perpendicular to direction of the trucks travel. The swing operation can get a little wobbly at s so you must make sure you have sle secure loads check links for link to Drexel Industries for more info on swing masts.Most turret trucks are manup vehicles similar to an order selector with the exception that rather than fixed forks the forks are mounted on an additional mast and carriage which operates as a turret turning degrees in either direction cilitating picking and stocking on either side of the aisle. The manup design makes it easer to handle loads in very tall racking up to feet.Mandown versions of turret trucks are also available. They are less expensive than the manup versions and are better when rack s are less than feet. Very narrow aisle trucks are generally recommended to be used in conjunction with a guidance system wire, rails, optical within the aisles to increase safety and reduce property damage. Also, manup turret trucks operating with tall racking require that the floor be perfectly flat and level to operate correctly see links for links to Raymond , Crown, Hyster, and Yale for more info on Turrets. VNA pallet handling vehicles can be a little pricey, last time I checked, mandown vehicles were running k to k and manup Turrets running up to k. This does not include the guidance systems. In addition, these more complex pieces of equipment have more mechanical problems than standard lift trucks and you can subsequently expect more downtime and higher service costs. These cost can be easily offset in large warehouses by the space saved by going to aisles.

The smaller lb to lb trucks are the workhorses of most warehouses. If you are running a small operation and will only have one truck, this is probably the vehicle for you. The standard forklift is a wide aisle truck which requires at least aisles to turn in. The aisle width is determined by the of the truck, the turn radius, and the of the load. Available options and attachments include side shifts, fork shifts, hydraulic clamps, and slip sheet attachments, to name a few. The side shift is becoming standard equipment on many trucks I wouldnt purchase one without it.

. This is the most common attachment and, as I stated earlier, should be considered standard equipment. The sideshift device allows the fork carriage to slide left and right to allow more accurate placement of the load. Sideshifts will increase productivity and safety as well as reduce product damage by allowing the operator more flexibility in load placement.

Visit myLift Truck PicsPage for more info also read my articleThe Aisle Width Decisionfor more detailed information on narrow aisles, very narrow aisles, and the equipment that operates in them.

Narrow Aisle NA. Narrow aisle trucks operate in aisles of to and are generally stand up vehicles such as Reach Trucks.

The selection of used over new is most beneficial in low use operations where you are putting very little wear and tear on the vehicle. In higher use operations, you very well may find that buying used costs more due to significant maintenance/repair costs that will be incurred. Be aware that there is used and there is junk. Dont by junk. Used does not necessarily mean old. Highvolume operations will purchase new trucks trade and them in every few years, these make for good used purchases because they are still considered current models and will therefore have greater access to parts and service. Safety is also a consideration since older models will not have the same safety functionality as newer models. Im amazed to still see old counterbalanced forklifts still operating without safety cages these trucks have to be years old. Not only are these trucks unsafe, they are usually not very productive and extremely expensive to repair. I frequently see this in old manucturing cilities that just cant get themselves to part with their old equipment.

. Content on m is copyrightprotected and is not available for republication.

There are a lot of different designs for attachment used to handle gallon drums. Some are smaller versions of a roll clamp while others may engage the upper rim of the drum, or the lower rings. Some drum attachments are capable of picking up multiple drums at the same time.

There are many safety features that are common to specific s of trucks such as seat belts on sitdown vehicles and deadman pedals on most standup vehicles. In addition, some manucturers are offering additional features such as speed controls that reduce speed based on load and steering angle. Read my articles onLift Truck SafetyandLoading Dock Safetyfor additional safety info.

Inventory Management and Warehouse Operations.

There is an enormous variety of attachments and options available for lift trucks. While most attachments are designed for use on standard lift trucks, some of them are also used on reach trucks and VNA trucks. Its important to note that OSHA requires that any attachment used must be approved for use by the specific lift truck manucturer. This regulation pretty much forces you to go through the OEM dealer for the purchase and installation of the attachment. Also note that most attachments will change the capacity of the lift truck and a new placard should be placed on the truck showing the new specs. Below I will list some of the more common s of attachments.

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An incredibly important part of lift truck selection is sure you will have access to high levels of service and support. There seem to be new players in the lift truck market every year and while they may offer a nice truck design at a nice price, if they dont have the a local/regional service and support infrastructure, you should be prepared for significant aggravation when the truck goes down all lift trucks go down at some point. Ideally, you want a local dealer/repair shop with a good supply of parts for the specific make and model you are purchasing. Visit the dealership or repair shop and take a look at his parts room just to try to get some idea of how many parts they stock and ask them if they dont have the part, where will it come from?. Hopefully the answer is a nearby not necessarily local regional distribution cility. Also, try to get some idea as to how many of that specific model are currently in use in your area. This is especially important for specialty trucks such as turrets. If there are only a handful of these trucks in use in their service area you should assume they are not stocking many if any parts for them and probably have very little experience servicing them.

. Content on InventoryOps is copyrightprotected and is not available for republication.

This certainly does not cover all of the vehicles and options available as there are many other specialty trucks as well as hybrids of the previous listed vehicles. It does cover most of the more popular s of trucks being used today. Remember an educated decision is a better decision.

crown lift truckCrown Forklift Battery

DIN Cell Tubular Forklift Battery / EURO Bolton

Ametek Ferroresonant MultiRange AccuCharger Discontinued

Ametek SCR Charger PowerStar Plus Opportunity Charger

FlowRite Marine RV Battery Watering Systems

PzB BS Traction Motive Power Forklift Batteries British Standard

information such as connectors, water systems,

Philadelphia Scientific Battery Watering Carts

The Cause of Post Seal Leaks in Stationary Batteries

Battery TypesFlat Plate, Tubular, Low Maintenance

Testing Internal Resistance of VRLA Batteries

Managing Temperature Extremes in Substation Battery Applications A Case Study

In the comments box please indicate any additional

KB Series Vented Pocket Plate MultiCell Blocks

Forklift Battery Regenerator Discharge Cycler SBSCT

SBSCT Battery Capacity Tester for Forklift Batteries

Philadelphia Scientific Smart Blinky Watering Monitors

PzVB BS Gel Traction Motive Power Forklift Batteries British Standard

Tubular Design Standard High Capacity Series Battery

Hydrogen Gas Monitoring in Stationary Utility Applications

Philadelphia Scientific Battery Water Injectors

Ametek High Frequency Eclipse II Conventional / Eclipse II Plus Opportunity

Hydrogen Gas Ventilation Calculator for Motive Power Battery Rooms

Low Maintenance and MaintenanceFree Batteries

PzV DIN Gel Traction Motive Power Forklift Batteries

If your truck model is not shown, please click on theRequest RFQbutton below and use the comments box on the next screen to provide information on your request.

VRZ OPzV Series Tubular LongLife Batteries

PzS DIN Traction Motive Power Forklift Batteries

Flat Plate Design Standard Forklift Battery

New, Used Refurbished CROWN Forklift Batteries

With hundreds of models in the CROWN fleet of equipment, multiple options may be available. To assist us in providing an accurate quote for your needs, please click on the link above to submit an RFQ for your review. An SBS representative will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.


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Pallet rack, drivein/drive through rack and cantilever racks. High Volume, Low Speed Industrial Fans.

crown lift truckPlatform Pallet Truck

Independent testing has confirmed that the ultimate operator suspension is theWT Series weightadjusleFlexRide, optional onrearentryfixed platforms, whichfinetunesthe suspension for the operators body.

The kg capacity load tray can be used to hold anything from tools to products..

Built for the extreme, theWT Seriesplatform pallet truck features acaststeelreinforced chassis, up to mmthick covers,diecastaluminium handle and thetoughest side restraints available.

An advanced suspension significantly reduces shock to the chassis, platform and truck components. The sealed drive unit suspension requires no adjustment for drive tyre wear. Trucks with electric steering include theActive Traction systemwith innovative hydraulics that adjust the pressure on the traction tyre depending on loading conditions for ster travel speeds and better traction on ramps.

Excellent fork tip visibility, superior tiller positioning and a folding platform all contribute to more comfort and safety.

Extended service intervals on the CrownWT Seriesdrive more uptime and savings. Whats more, when maintenance or service is required, castor and load wheels are easily replaced and both side panels on the power unit open easily for st access to internal components.

Lithiumion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

The WT pallet truck with folding platform, ideal for cilities with shorter run lengths, features an economic compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability.

With Crowns vertically integrated manucturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

When you ce intense pallet truck conditions and high throughput demands, Crown has the answer. Thehas what it takes for both truck and operator to excel robust engineering, bestinclass durability, task efficiency and comfort.

The WT pallet truck with fixed platform with side entry simplifies load handling and scanning with st on/off access and shorter walking distance to pallets.

Battery rollout allows use with battery extraction/charging equipment to make battery changes in applications that require multiple batteries more convenient.

Crown buildslongtermvalue into all of its trucks and theWT platform pallet truckis no exception.

With Considerably Reduced Damage Costs, Crown is the Five Star Choice

Electronic power steering improves control and manoeuvrability of the pallet truck while enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

The WT Series platform pallet truck series offers the widest model variation available including four platform configurations, capacities of up to. tonsand electronic steering.

Platform Pallet TrucksRead the Customer ResultsOptions and AccessoriesLithiumIon Batteriesarialabelledbyheading>

The WT pallet truck with fixed platform with rear entry is ideal for high traffic applications and long run distances.

Crown Forklifts and Platform Pallet Trucks Reliable Tools for Maximum Uptime

Crowns patented weightadjusle FlexRide suspension system offers shock and vibration protection, providing ultimate comfort for the operator.

The steelconstructed load backrest silises loads and prevents pallet movement.

The WT pallet truck with folding platform and side restraints is engineered for extreme durability with shockreducing suspension and superior operator sility.

Operators encounter numerous challenges that slow them down; jolts from dock boards, unsle footing, narrow spaces, strenuous steering and heavy loads. TheWT Seriesplatform pallet truck addresses these challenges with theFlexRide folding platform suspensionwhich reduces shock transfer to the operator by more than .

crown lift truckCrown Rider Pallet Truck PR Series Specifications

Maximum Battery Size Optional Equipment . wide x . long x . Productivity package . high . , or high Batteries volt amp hour. KwH Min/Max weight / lb . Quick adjustment caster Standard Equipment . Torsion bar with quick .

Rd series narrowaisle reach truck s

Pc series center control pallet truck s

Pe series end control pallet truck s

Fork adjusility is done at the Fork Assembly toe with no need to remove a Fork width . on standardtip cover plate. Fork heel ad fork models, on extendedtip justment is done quickly without fork models. Fork spread removing battery.

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Crown Rider Pallet Truck PR Series Specifications

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Forklift Rentalcrown lift truck

Forklift Rentalcrown lift truckYale GLCVX lbs Propane with way valve

Raymond Order Pickers lbs capacity. Model OPCTT

We provide the products, and the productivity to meet all your warehousing needs.

Yale GLP, Full Cab, SolidPneumatic Forklift MM

We were authorized dealer of TCM forklifts for last years until TCM was bought by Nissan/UniCarriers. Mister Mechanic is now proud authorized dealer of ATF Forklifts Manuctured in same cility as TCM Forklifts. Here at Mister Mechanic, we believe that quality service is the backbone of good business. ATF forklift trucks are held to the highest standards of performance and durability.

Do you have an older forklift which is coming to the end of its work life? We are the leading Forklift selling company we can provide tradein allowances for your replacement stock.

Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory.

Hyster lb Electric Triple Mast Blowout at .

YaleNR single reach, lbs capacity, MM SOLD

Yale ESC, lbs Capacity, MM, SOLD

JUST IN! Raymond Power Pallet, lb cap. MM

Our large forklift rental fleet that includes all s of lifts depending on your needs. We can develop a forklift rental plan for your specific needs!

Nissan KCPHAPV, Capacity, MM, SOLD

Hyster SXM and Cascade Carton Clamp. MM, SOLD

Yale GLP SolidPneumatic Forklift MM. SOLD

Toyota FBCU, Electric forklift. MM

Mister Mechanic has complete Machine Shop Facilities to Service your Lift Trucks and stock a full range of new and refurbished trucks.

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Clark TMX, lb cap, wheeler. MM. SOLD

Dually Komatsu FGZ, LBS Capacity, MM.

Toyota FGCU, ,lbs Capacity, MM, SOLD

Hyster HXM lb solidpneumatic tire forklift, SOLD

Yale End Control lb Capacity Volt Newly Refurbished


Raymond Order Picker OPCTT, MM. SOLD

Raymond Order Picker OPCTT, MM/

TCMFCGTT, lb capacity, MM. SOLD

Toyota lbs wheel Electric Forklift MM

Crown Order Picker, lb Capacity MM.

Just in! Raymond Dock LoaderCTT. MM

YALE lb Propane Forklift with Quad Mast, lift

HysterNXMR single reach, lbs capacity, MM. SOLD

Nissan lb Propane with Triple Mast Side Shift

Just in! Clark TMS, lbs Capacity. MM. SOLD

Just in! CAT lb to lb Capacity, MM,, and

Toyota FBE, lb cap. wheeler, MM. SOLD

Cat ET, lb cap, wheeler. MM. SOLD

Yale Order Picker Repossession This is a BARGAIN! ,.

Hyster EZS, Electric lb capacity ,

Clark EC , Capacity, wheel forklift, MM, SOLD

A lbs Clark, Traction Cushion Tires.MM, SOLD

Mister Mechanic is a Forklift Rental Company to provide you Lift Truck Rental, TCM Forklifts, Pallet Truck Rental Services and stock a wide range of New and Used Forklifts.

CrownTT, lbs capacity wheel. MM. SOLD

Raymond Double Deep Reach EASI High Reach Side Shift

NissanRRN single reach, lbs capacity, MM, SOLD

Hyster JXM, lb Cap. wheel forklift. MM. SOLD

jUST IN!! Yang FG forklift, lb cap, Air tires. MM. SOLD

Hyster SFT lbs Propane Triple Mast Side Shifter

Forklift Just In! Hyster EZ, lb Capacity. MM

Propane Hyster SXMS, ,lbs Capacity. MM

Cat ET lb cap wheel forklift, MM. SOLD

Single Reach Crown RRTT, MM

Crown Power Pallet PE, lb capacity, MM/.SOLD

Just in! lb capacity Crown wheeler, MM, SOLD

Hyster SFT lbs Propane Triple Mast Side Shifter


Toyota FBCU lb cap. Way forklift, MM, SOLD

MUST GO!!! Yale, GCNRS lb capacity. MM, SOLD.

Just In! Hyster HXM, lbs capacity, solidpneumatic tires with a cab. MM

Just in! Mitsubishi FG, lb Capacity, MM. SOLD

Nissan CUMLS, lbs capacity. MM

We carry a full line of industrial tires, forklift forks extensions, and lift truck accessories to increase the productivity and versatility of your industrial material handling equipment.

Just in! HysterSXM, lb Capacity, MM, SOLD

Mister Mechanic has a wealth of experience in the Forklift Industry, spanning over years, delivering forklifts ranging from the st pallet truck to specialist reach, enabling us to offer personal advice and a vast range and choice of fork trucks to provide you with the best forklift at the best price, for your specific handling requirement.

Nissan lb way, with side shift, MM, SOLD

Must Go! Crown Stacker WTL, lb Cap. MM

Toyota lbs Electric Forklift MM, SOLD

Caterpillar lb Capacity Electric with Triple Mast

We carry an extensive inventory of new and reconditioned forklifts. Our certified and warranted used forklifts are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisction.

Nissan Stacker, ,lb capacity. MM, SOLD

Yale ERC, lb Cap, Wheeler, Electric forklift. MM


Our knowledgeable staff is trained to provide the optimal material handling solutions to maximize productivity.