Lift TruckForklift Drivers Safety Tips

Lift TruckForklift Drivers Safety Tips Watch where you place your hands and feet. Be aware of and stay clear of pinch points such as the wheels and lift gears.

Operating a forklift is an important job. The federal goverment requires that all lift truck operators be trained and authorized by their organizatons. OSHA federal regulation CFR. states that Only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck. It is a good idea to print these forklift saftey tips out and attach a copy by the steering wheel of each forklift.

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Use you seat belt and check that the warning lights and backup alarm work before operating the machine.

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If your truck starts to tip over, DONT JUMP! Stay in your seat, grip the wheel securely and brace yourself with your feet.

Do not let unauthorized persons operate your forklift and remove the key when unattended.

Stay under the overhead guard. Keep your hands and feet inside the forklift.

When the forks are raised, never walk or stand under them.

Always look out for others when moving and operating your forklift.

Fluids from a forklift can leak out overnight on the area where you park it and make the suce slick.  Check for fluids when you get on and off  a forklift to prevent a slip and ll.Absorbent matsare available to park forklifts on and will absorb any leaks.

Do not allow anyone to ride with you on lift unless it is made for more then one person. Forklifts are not elevators. Do not lift anyone unless you are using a special basket.

When operating the forklift watch out for pedestians, blind intersections and drive slowly.

Use your horn when backing up, at intersections,when going through doors and anywhere you have limited or blocked vision.

Remember that you are the most important safety device on a forklift.