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This of lift truck is also commonly used in rough terrain, but unlike the telescopic forklift, a straight mast forklift can only move loads vertically, up to , pounds to a of to feet.

Also known as a telescopic handler, telehandler, or extendable reach forklift, this of truck is a more rugged, heavyduty version of a standard forklift with a telescopic boom that can be raised up and also extended out. It is often used in rough terrain, and can move loads of more than , pounds up to feet high.

These s of forklifts can run on a number of different fuels, including gasoline, diesel, liquid propane, and compressed natural gas CNG. Compared to electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts are easier to refuel, can carry heavier loads, and accelerate better, although they tend to be more expensive to operate.

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Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts are the next big thing in forklift technology, providing the zero emissions and quietness of electric forklifts with the st refueling capability of an internal combustion machine.

Actual forklift prices vary considerably based upon your location, requirements, and inidual dealer. The prices given below are only intended to provide you with a basic idea of how much a forklift costs.A brand new, standard capacity electric warehouse forklift might cost approximately,,or more in addition to around, to ,for a battery and charger.A comparable internal combustion forklift costs around,,and up.A , lb. capacity internal combustion forklift might cost around,.A highend forklift capable of handling , pounds or more could cost,.According to one vendor, an internal combustion forklift with a , lb. capacity and pneumatic tires costs around,,the same vehicle with aircushion tires costs around,,and a comparable electric forklift with battery and charger costs approximately,.A used, reconditioned , lb. electric forklift might cost between, and ,.A used , lb. internal combustion forklift might cost, to ,.Operating costs per year, based on a day work year and two shifts per day, is around,,for an electric forklift,,for a diesel forklift, and,per year for a forklift running on liquefied petroleum gas.Forklift maintenance costs based on around , operating hours per year might work out to aroundper year for an electric truck, and,per year for an internal combustion forklift.Use Our Free Service and Find Forklift DealersPrices for US only including

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Sometimes called a narrow aisle forklift, this of machine is often used in warehouses and distribution centers where space is at a premium. A narrow construction means that it cant carry as much as a standard forklift, but its extendable mast can lift loads up to about feet.

Forklifts can be categorized in two major ways by the structure of the forklift, and by the of fuel that it uses. Based on structure, the following s of forklifts are among the most popular

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For businesses that must move heavy items, few pieces of equipment are as effective or as valuable as a forklift. Distribution depots, warehouses, lumber yards, manucturing plants, and other work environments handle loads weighing , to , pounds. They commonly use forklift trucks to keep their operations running smoothly. Although lift trucks are a big investment, the amount of man hours it can save makes the purchase of one more than worthwhile. But, to make sure you dont buy more than you need it is important to understand your business requirements and the different s of forklifts that are available.

When breaking down forklifts by fuel , the following s are available

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Electric forklifts use large, heavy, rechargeable leadacid batteries that can run for or straight hours. They are ideal for indoor use and a popular choice because they produce zero emissions and have a relatively low cost per hour of operation.

A typical warehouse forklifts can lift , to , lbs. up to a of around feet.