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Independent testing has confirmed that the ultimate operator suspension is theWT Series weightadjusleFlexRide, optional onrearentryfixed platforms, whichfinetunesthe suspension for the operators body.

The kg capacity load tray can be used to hold anything from tools to products..

Built for the extreme, theWT Seriesplatform pallet truck features acaststeelreinforced chassis, up to mmthick covers,diecastaluminium handle and thetoughest side restraints available.

An advanced suspension significantly reduces shock to the chassis, platform and truck components. The sealed drive unit suspension requires no adjustment for drive tyre wear. Trucks with electric steering include theActive Traction systemwith innovative hydraulics that adjust the pressure on the traction tyre depending on loading conditions for ster travel speeds and better traction on ramps.

Excellent fork tip visibility, superior tiller positioning and a folding platform all contribute to more comfort and safety.

Extended service intervals on the CrownWT Seriesdrive more uptime and savings. Whats more, when maintenance or service is required, castor and load wheels are easily replaced and both side panels on the power unit open easily for st access to internal components.

Lithiumion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

The WT pallet truck with folding platform, ideal for cilities with shorter run lengths, features an economic compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability.

With Crowns vertically integrated manucturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

When you ce intense pallet truck conditions and high throughput demands, Crown has the answer. Thehas what it takes for both truck and operator to excel robust engineering, bestinclass durability, task efficiency and comfort.

The WT pallet truck with fixed platform with side entry simplifies load handling and scanning with st on/off access and shorter walking distance to pallets.

Battery rollout allows use with battery extraction/charging equipment to make battery changes in applications that require multiple batteries more convenient.

Crown buildslongtermvalue into all of its trucks and theWT platform pallet truckis no exception.

With Considerably Reduced Damage Costs, Crown is the Five Star Choice

Electronic power steering improves control and manoeuvrability of the pallet truck while enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

The WT Series platform pallet truck series offers the widest model variation available including four platform configurations, capacities of up to. tonsand electronic steering.

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The WT pallet truck with fixed platform with rear entry is ideal for high traffic applications and long run distances.

Crown Forklifts and Platform Pallet Trucks Reliable Tools for Maximum Uptime

Crowns patented weightadjusle FlexRide suspension system offers shock and vibration protection, providing ultimate comfort for the operator.

The steelconstructed load backrest silises loads and prevents pallet movement.

The WT pallet truck with folding platform and side restraints is engineered for extreme durability with shockreducing suspension and superior operator sility.

Operators encounter numerous challenges that slow them down; jolts from dock boards, unsle footing, narrow spaces, strenuous steering and heavy loads. TheWT Seriesplatform pallet truck addresses these challenges with theFlexRide folding platform suspensionwhich reduces shock transfer to the operator by more than .