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Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc. develops, manufactures and markets a most comprehensive line of the *worldwide patented heavy duty onboard lift truck check weighing , visual under utilization warning, impact detection and safety overload systems.
The standard SkidWeigh check weighing scale systems offers to the end user optional exceptions reports & alerts in the real-time of the operational events such as:

- Lift Truck Under Utilization
- Impact Detection
- Overload Warning
- Engine Idling
- Overspeed
- Pre-shift Inspection
- Customer Specific Events
- CubeFreight, lift truck onboard dimensioning of palletized freight

The fact that all of the lift truck operator’s performance is visible to the operator all the time this de-centralized vehicle utilization system has the exceptional ROI. With optional automatic real-time web based reports & alerts of selected exceptions reporting is in itself a means of improved vehicle utilization without any analysis.