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Your walkie lift truck can be used to lift, move and stack loads. It is designed to travel short distances and operate in areas with limited space. YOUR LIFT TRUCK IS NOT AN AUTOMOBILE With a load it may weigh more than automobiles.

Trucks Crown Walkie Pallet Truck WP Specifications

Power On Off KEY SWITCH Turn the key clockwise. Power is ON. Turn the key counterclockwise. Power is OFF. Always turn the key off when leaving the truck. POWER DISCONNECT Push the battery connector handle down to disconnect the battery and cut all power.

Crown Walkie Lift Truck WR Series Operators Manual

Contents Warning You Must be Trained Traveling Protect Yourself Contents Whats in it for You? Your Walkie Lift Truck Lift Truck Parts Capacity Load Center Capacity Plate Power On Off Braking Fork Functions Steering Travel Traveling Daily Safety Check Be a Safe Operator Traveling Battery Maintenance…

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Inspect your truck before starting work, make sure it is in good working order. * Additional copies of this Operator Manual and all Truck Labels can be obtained from Crown Equipment Corporation, New Bremen, Ohio U.S.A. Warning You Must be Trained…

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Trucks Crown Truck Series Operators Manual

Traveling TRAVEL Rotate the top of the twist grip in the direction you want to travel. The rther you rotate the grip from the neutral position, the ster the truck will travel. HIGH TRAVEL SPEED For high travel speed, push the high travel speed button and rotate the twist grip to the maximum travel speed position.

Be a Safe Operator T h e m o s t MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY Do not use this truck unless you are trained and certified. i m p o r t a n t Be certain you understand how your truck works and the hazards that go with it.

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Capacity Load Center WHAT IS YOUR TRUCK CAPACITY? Capacity is the load including pallet or Center of evenly container that can be lifted to a given distributed load at a given load center. See the capacity plate on your truck.

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Be a Safe Operator continued WATCH OUT FOR OTHER PEOPLE Slow down. Yield or stop for pedestrians. Use your horn when you come to a crosswalk or intersection. Be careful that you dont pin or crush someone. For example Never drive your truck toward anyone standing in front of a fixed object.

Inspect your truck before starting work, make sure it is in good working order. * Additional copies of the Operators Manual and Truck Labels can be obtained from Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, OH U.S.A. Minimum battery allowed Under battery can affect truck handling and sility.

W WR T h i s o p e r a t o r m a n u a l h a s i n f o r m a t i o n f o r a l l m o d e l s o f s e r i e s W and WR plus some options and accessories.

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Lift Truck Parts Lift Truck Parts Load Backrest Optional on W Reach WR only Mast Fork Hose Reel WR only Control Handle Control Arm Power Disconnect Tilt Lever WR only Reach Lever WR only Lower Button Raise/Lower Lever Raise Button Key Switch Reversing Button Battery…

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Daily Safety Check CHECK YOUR TRUCK BEFORE STARTING WORK You must make sure your truck is safe to use. . Walk around your truck and check it over. Check to make sure the battery is charged, water level is OK and vent caps are in place. Dont use an open flame to check the battery.

Protect Yourself Know the Hazards LOOK WHERE YOURE GOING Always be alert to the area around you and watch where you are driving. Be careful that you dont get pinned or crushed between the truck and a fixed object such as a wall or post.

Fork Functions Tilt lever WR only Reach lever WR only Raise/Lower lever standard HYDRAULIC LEVER OPERATION Move the lever away from the mast, toward the control arm, and youll get the action shown by the symbol on the top of the knob. Move the lever toward the mast and youll get the opposite action.

Battery Maintenance WHEN YOU INSTALL OR CHANGE A BATTERY Turn the truck OFF. Check that all controls are in neutral. Make certain you use the correct and weight battery. Never operate a truck that has an underweight or underd battery installed.

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Crown equipment wr series walkie lift truck operator manual.

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Capacity Plate CAPACITY PLATE INFORMATION The capacity plate is on the power unit cover. It contains Serial number Capacity information load, load center and lift Truck a fire safety rating Truck weight with battery does not include load …

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