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accounting professional audit specialty on behalf of the residents fifa 18 coins a “tangible things five supervision group.” they are relatively independent of community finance, fifa 18 coins management, the implementation of major decisions, financial disclosure and carry out supervision, to community members whether to intervene in project contracting and fifa 18 coins project construction carried out thorough investigation, to ensure the credibility of the community service. “The scene investigation project”, “community the tangible fifa 18 coins money supervision”, “residents madden 18 coins“, on behalf of the residents participate in the entire process of decision-making and the implementation of these projects, really enjoy fifa 18 coins “green” right. The community and five supervision group A communication and consultation, establish and improve the relevant system, to further clarify the supervisor fifa 18 coins, the scope of supervision and the division of personnel, detailed work requirements. madden mobile coins for sale the public service and all kinds of projects, projects involving the largest funds, five fifa 18 coins group focus on strengthening the supervision of engineering projects. We take turns, regular inspections will be found timely feedback the street community,