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TCM Diesel/LPG Counterbalanced Trucks for Sale

TCM Three Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks for Sale

If you have a part that you use on a regular basis, please request a quote. We may be able to save you money, without  a reduction in quality.

We offer a next day service on all stock items.

TCM Diesel/LPG Counterbalanced Trucks for Sale

We have been supplying forklift parts for over  years. We pride ourselves on both the quality of the parts and our competitive prices.

TCM Four Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks For Sale

TCM Four Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks For Sale

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Our range of st moving parts is suile for

TCM Three Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Trucks for Sale

electric lift truckForklift Material Handling Equipment Dealer in Wichita KS JoplinWebb City MO and Springfield MO

Forklift Material Handling Equipment Dealer in Wichita, KS, Joplin/Webb City, MO and Springfield, MO

Our Location in Wichita, KS Springfield, MO

Receive , ctory rebate on select tradeins.

Guided by our core values of Integrity, Respect, Compliance, Quality, Accounility, Trust, Appreciation, and Kaizen, Lift Truck Center LTC is growing in Wichita, KS, Webb City, MO and Springfield, MO. We offer a comprehensive line of industrial and rough terrain forklifts, scissor lifts, sweepers and scrubbers, warehouse racks and shelving, forklift parts and services, forklift rentals and aftermarket support. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used forklift, service an existing forklift or secure a forklift rental for a certain application, Lift Truck Center has the resources, experience and dedication to help you get the job done. Lift Truck Center is proud to offer Doosan, Sellick, Landoll Drexel and Bendi, AICHI, and the worlds number one forklift brand, Toyota Forklift in Springfield and Webb City Missouri, and Wichita, Kansas. Contact us today, or stop by any of our locations to talk to one of our industrial equipment experts!

Pallet rack, drivein/drive through rack and cantilever racks. High Volume, Low Speed Industrial Fans.

crown lift truckPlatform Pallet Truck

Independent testing has confirmed that the ultimate operator suspension is theWT Series weightadjusleFlexRide, optional onrearentryfixed platforms, whichfinetunesthe suspension for the operators body.

The kg capacity load tray can be used to hold anything from tools to products..

Built for the extreme, theWT Seriesplatform pallet truck features acaststeelreinforced chassis, up to mmthick covers,diecastaluminium handle and thetoughest side restraints available.

An advanced suspension significantly reduces shock to the chassis, platform and truck components. The sealed drive unit suspension requires no adjustment for drive tyre wear. Trucks with electric steering include theActive Traction systemwith innovative hydraulics that adjust the pressure on the traction tyre depending on loading conditions for ster travel speeds and better traction on ramps.

Excellent fork tip visibility, superior tiller positioning and a folding platform all contribute to more comfort and safety.

Extended service intervals on the CrownWT Seriesdrive more uptime and savings. Whats more, when maintenance or service is required, castor and load wheels are easily replaced and both side panels on the power unit open easily for st access to internal components.

Lithiumion batteries offer a very short charging time, tolerate unlimited opportunity charging, and simplify battery management by avoiding the need for daily maintenance, spare batteries or special rooms for charging.

The WT pallet truck with folding platform, ideal for cilities with shorter run lengths, features an economic compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability.

With Crowns vertically integrated manucturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

When you ce intense pallet truck conditions and high throughput demands, Crown has the answer. Thehas what it takes for both truck and operator to excel robust engineering, bestinclass durability, task efficiency and comfort.

The WT pallet truck with fixed platform with side entry simplifies load handling and scanning with st on/off access and shorter walking distance to pallets.

Battery rollout allows use with battery extraction/charging equipment to make battery changes in applications that require multiple batteries more convenient.

Crown buildslongtermvalue into all of its trucks and theWT platform pallet truckis no exception.

With Considerably Reduced Damage Costs, Crown is the Five Star Choice

Electronic power steering improves control and manoeuvrability of the pallet truck while enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

The WT Series platform pallet truck series offers the widest model variation available including four platform configurations, capacities of up to. tonsand electronic steering.

Platform Pallet TrucksRead the Customer ResultsOptions and AccessoriesLithiumIon Batteriesarialabelledbyheading>

The WT pallet truck with fixed platform with rear entry is ideal for high traffic applications and long run distances.

Crown Forklifts and Platform Pallet Trucks Reliable Tools for Maximum Uptime

Crowns patented weightadjusle FlexRide suspension system offers shock and vibration protection, providing ultimate comfort for the operator.

The steelconstructed load backrest silises loads and prevents pallet movement.

The WT pallet truck with folding platform and side restraints is engineered for extreme durability with shockreducing suspension and superior operator sility.

Operators encounter numerous challenges that slow them down; jolts from dock boards, unsle footing, narrow spaces, strenuous steering and heavy loads. TheWT Seriesplatform pallet truck addresses these challenges with theFlexRide folding platform suspensionwhich reduces shock transfer to the operator by more than .

crown lift truckCrown Rider Pallet Truck PR Series Specifications

Maximum Battery Size Optional Equipment . wide x . long x . Productivity package . high . , or high Batteries volt amp hour. KwH Min/Max weight / lb . Quick adjustment caster Standard Equipment . Torsion bar with quick .

Rd series narrowaisle reach truck s

Pc series center control pallet truck s

Pe series end control pallet truck s

Fork adjusility is done at the Fork Assembly toe with no need to remove a Fork width . on standardtip cover plate. Fork heel ad fork models, on extendedtip justment is done quickly without fork models. Fork spread removing battery.

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Crown equipment pw series truck operator manual s

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Trucks Crown Sitdown Rider Lift Truck FC Series Specifications

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Crown equipment truck rr s series operator manual scrown lift truckCrown Rider Pallet Truck PR Series Specifications

Forklift Rentalcrown lift truck

Forklift Rentalcrown lift truckYale GLCVX lbs Propane with way valve

Raymond Order Pickers lbs capacity. Model OPCTT

We provide the products, and the productivity to meet all your warehousing needs.

Yale GLP, Full Cab, SolidPneumatic Forklift MM

We were authorized dealer of TCM forklifts for last years until TCM was bought by Nissan/UniCarriers. Mister Mechanic is now proud authorized dealer of ATF Forklifts Manuctured in same cility as TCM Forklifts. Here at Mister Mechanic, we believe that quality service is the backbone of good business. ATF forklift trucks are held to the highest standards of performance and durability.

Do you have an older forklift which is coming to the end of its work life? We are the leading Forklift selling company we can provide tradein allowances for your replacement stock.

Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory.

Hyster lb Electric Triple Mast Blowout at .

YaleNR single reach, lbs capacity, MM SOLD

Yale ESC, lbs Capacity, MM, SOLD

JUST IN! Raymond Power Pallet, lb cap. MM

Our large forklift rental fleet that includes all s of lifts depending on your needs. We can develop a forklift rental plan for your specific needs!

Nissan KCPHAPV, Capacity, MM, SOLD

Hyster SXM and Cascade Carton Clamp. MM, SOLD

Yale GLP SolidPneumatic Forklift MM. SOLD

Toyota FBCU, Electric forklift. MM

Mister Mechanic has complete Machine Shop Facilities to Service your Lift Trucks and stock a full range of new and refurbished trucks.

Website Design Torontoby Kinex Media.Address Winston Churchill Blvd. Mississauga Ontario LJ P PHONE FAX

Clark TMX, lb cap, wheeler. MM. SOLD

Dually Komatsu FGZ, LBS Capacity, MM.

Toyota FGCU, ,lbs Capacity, MM, SOLD

Hyster HXM lb solidpneumatic tire forklift, SOLD

Yale End Control lb Capacity Volt Newly Refurbished


Raymond Order Picker OPCTT, MM. SOLD

Raymond Order Picker OPCTT, MM/

TCMFCGTT, lb capacity, MM. SOLD

Toyota lbs wheel Electric Forklift MM

Crown Order Picker, lb Capacity MM.

Just in! Raymond Dock LoaderCTT. MM

YALE lb Propane Forklift with Quad Mast, lift

HysterNXMR single reach, lbs capacity, MM. SOLD

Nissan lb Propane with Triple Mast Side Shift

Just in! Clark TMS, lbs Capacity. MM. SOLD

Just in! CAT lb to lb Capacity, MM,, and

Toyota FBE, lb cap. wheeler, MM. SOLD

Cat ET, lb cap, wheeler. MM. SOLD

Yale Order Picker Repossession This is a BARGAIN! ,.

Hyster EZS, Electric lb capacity ,

Clark EC , Capacity, wheel forklift, MM, SOLD

A lbs Clark, Traction Cushion Tires.MM, SOLD

Mister Mechanic is a Forklift Rental Company to provide you Lift Truck Rental, TCM Forklifts, Pallet Truck Rental Services and stock a wide range of New and Used Forklifts.

CrownTT, lbs capacity wheel. MM. SOLD

Raymond Double Deep Reach EASI High Reach Side Shift

NissanRRN single reach, lbs capacity, MM, SOLD

Hyster JXM, lb Cap. wheel forklift. MM. SOLD

jUST IN!! Yang FG forklift, lb cap, Air tires. MM. SOLD

Hyster SFT lbs Propane Triple Mast Side Shifter

Forklift Just In! Hyster EZ, lb Capacity. MM

Propane Hyster SXMS, ,lbs Capacity. MM

Cat ET lb cap wheel forklift, MM. SOLD

Single Reach Crown RRTT, MM

Crown Power Pallet PE, lb capacity, MM/.SOLD

Just in! lb capacity Crown wheeler, MM, SOLD

Hyster SFT lbs Propane Triple Mast Side Shifter


Toyota FBCU lb cap. Way forklift, MM, SOLD

MUST GO!!! Yale, GCNRS lb capacity. MM, SOLD.

Just In! Hyster HXM, lbs capacity, solidpneumatic tires with a cab. MM

Just in! Mitsubishi FG, lb Capacity, MM. SOLD

Nissan CUMLS, lbs capacity. MM

We carry a full line of industrial tires, forklift forks extensions, and lift truck accessories to increase the productivity and versatility of your industrial material handling equipment.

Just in! HysterSXM, lb Capacity, MM, SOLD

Mister Mechanic has a wealth of experience in the Forklift Industry, spanning over years, delivering forklifts ranging from the st pallet truck to specialist reach, enabling us to offer personal advice and a vast range and choice of fork trucks to provide you with the best forklift at the best price, for your specific handling requirement.

Nissan lb way, with side shift, MM, SOLD

Must Go! Crown Stacker WTL, lb Cap. MM

Toyota lbs Electric Forklift MM, SOLD

Caterpillar lb Capacity Electric with Triple Mast

We carry an extensive inventory of new and reconditioned forklifts. Our certified and warranted used forklifts are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisction.

Nissan Stacker, ,lb capacity. MM, SOLD

Yale ERC, lb Cap, Wheeler, Electric forklift. MM


Our knowledgeable staff is trained to provide the optimal material handling solutions to maximize productivity.

Most Common Causes of Lifcrown lift truckt Truck Accidents

In some cases, the company is to blame for not providing adequate supervision. It helps to incorporate a comprehensive certification process in the operators training program. This should involve a written exam, eye test, driving assessment and even a reflex test.

A poorly trained driver might not know how to respond to a changing workplace. New inventory, obstacles and employees, or changes in floor gradient, can all cause problems for an inexperienced operator.

This is a common case of irresponsible operation. Under no circumstances should a driver transport a worker on a forklift load. Likewise, workers that are helping to load the truck should never use their body parts to balance a load.

Other workplace distractions include odors, dust, poor lighting and noise. Addressing these problems will keep drivers aware of their surroundings.

All too often, drivers become comforle and drive irresponsibly. Travelling too st on a forklift shortens a drivers reaction time. OSHA advises drivers to stay at or below miles per hour.

Forklifts are designed to balance heavy loads. So without a load, theyre not necessarily the sturdiest machines.

Here are a few tips for maintaining a safe area for forklift operation

Turning a corner too st can cause the lift to tilt to one side. The correct approach is to slow down well before the turn and maintain a gradual speed through the entire rotation.

Here is a breakdown of the most common causes of forklift accidents

There are a number of ways to mark a forklift zone. While paint and standing signs work, floor tape is perhaps the most efficient option. If any wears or tears happen, its easy to replace a small section of tape, which isnt true for standing signs or even paint. Also, floor tape is easy to apply, and you dont have to shut down production to get the job done.

When purchasing forklifts, make sure its the right design for your needs. If you work in a warehouse with minimal aisle space, invest in a narrowaisle lift. Workplace design can have a major impact on safe forklift operation.

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since . He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on hisTwitterorGoogleprofiles.

With approximately million active forklifts in the United States and . million truck operators, our country has become one of the largest lift distributors in the world. And with the manucturing, logistics and warehouse industries growing each year, industrial trucks arent going away anytime soon.

. Giving Rides or Riding on the Forklift Load

In workplaces with both foot and forklift traffic, its an absolute necessity to mark forklift zones. Even if people must walk through these zones on a regular basis, they know when to watch out for heavy machinery.

Unfortunately, as with all heavy machinery, accidents do happen. Organizations like OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration set regulations to make working conditions as safe as possible, but accidents can still result from improper training, inattentive operation and malfunctioning equipment.

Safety is a responsibility of every employee, and if guidelines arent followed, workers should be held accounle. In industrial workplaces, its especially important for employees to be alert, particularly forklift drivers.

This happens often in all sorts of industries. OSHA regulations encourage drivers to carry loads as near to the ground as possible, approximately inches from the floor.

GF Lift Truck Inc

GF Lift Truck Inc. is committed on providing the best service with a great price ~ saving from retail price. We specialize in all kind of material handling equipment such as hand pallet jack, electric pallet jack, wrapping equipment, lift equipment, dock equipment, forklift part, forklift repair and maintenance.

We have our , Sq Ft warehouse, distribution, customer service center located in California, sitting in the heart of Silicon Valley. We ship our packages all over the world including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India etc. At GF Lift Truck Inc, we dont only sell material handling equipment, but we also provide mechanical design and assembly service. With over years experience, Our engineer, sales, workshop teams, will work with you. If you have any inquiry about mechanical design or assembly, please feel free to give us a call at .. or email at

hand forkliftSINOLIFT M

InfoElectromagnetic brake mechanism and frive power motor braking improves overall effciency and prolongs brake component life.Advancef control system with MOSFET delivers smooth driving speed control for percise positioning of the truck.

SINOLIFT Material Handling Equipment Corp. has attained an eminent position in the field of Forklift, Industrial Hydraulic Tools, Equipment, Devices and Machines with a large variety of original developments for a wide material handling applications. More than a century of trading acumen and one decades of manucturing expertise is at the core of the business of SINOLIFT. We therefore are able to assure you with confidence that all your requirements of material handling tools.[Read more]

MOVIMATThe Biggest South America Intralogistics Exhibition

InfoThe latest appearance design method was used to create the R series fluent and aesthetic outline, which matches the latest appearance trend.

SINOLIFT welcomes TECHMECH India to our forklift mi


SINOLIFT QDB towing tractors and PCS CQDB are

InfoThe G series is built to international standards,and to boost your productivity,consider this,the drive train is powered by an indigenous, Powerful engine that is environment friendly.

InfoDC series with electric control system produced by American GE company, characterized by stepless speed adjustment, reliability, electricity saving, sensitive, small heating and high efficiency, having function of brake regeneration, heat protection, too low battery capacity protection and instrument automatic testing trouble.

InfoJapanese engine NISSAN K Automatic transmission or mechanical transmission Hydraulic steering/ braking system Duplex mm wide view mast mm length bar forks Dual fuel switch, tank

InfoThe machine body is designed with big arc streamline and fitted with open antislip pedal.High position air suction inlet is fitted behind the top protection frame above the column to ensure the engine absorbs clean air and prolong the service life.The engine hood has functions of sound absorption and heat isolation.

SINOLIFT premium CPDF mini forklifts are ready forn

CeMAT Asia Exhibition in Shanghai from Oct. thnbsp

ADDNo. Dachuan Road, Nanhui Industry park, Pudong new District, Shanghai, P.R.China . TEL

hand forkliftBenefits of

. Range of forklift s and choicesMore good news theresalwaysa good range of makes and models on the market. You can choose from some of the very latest forklifts and theyre good vehicles, too.

. Vehicle qualityMost secondhand forklifts on the market are recent or late models. These forklifts are proven high performers and include many top brands. If youre looking for a Toyota, Nissan, or other highend brands, youre sure to find some good deals. Some secondhand vehicles are exfleet vehicles that are still in excellent condition but have been superseded by a fleet upgrade.

How Hard Is It to Source Replacement Parts for Forklifts?

Being a Smart Workplace with Forklifts in Operation

The critical ctors in buying a secondhand forklift are pretty convincing

. PriceSecondhand forklifts can be considerably cheaper than new forklifts. You can get a very good price on a forklift that may be only a couple of years old. Manage your business and manage your cash flow, too.

If youre a startup business, you can get all your forklift equipment second hand, get your business operating, and avoid the sort of scary costs that startups really dont need. Its a safe financial option and you can also check out the bigger forklifts at affordable properties.

. ServicesWhen you purchase a quality secondhand forklift, servicing and finding parts usually wont be a problem. Regularforklift maintenanceis the easy way to keep any forklift in good condition. With regular servicing, your secondhand forklift will be working for years.

Forklifts are a good investment for any business. That said, if youre looking at serious upfront costs, a secondhand forklift can be a very good move and wed like to explain why.

What Many People Overlook When Buying a Forklift

Aussie Forklifts offers a full range of top qualitypreowned forkliftsin Sydney. We have all the top brands, were a brandauthorised service centre, and we can help you find the right forklifts for your business at the right price for you. Just call us on or complete ouronline contact form.  Talk to our experts and tell us what you want and how much you want to spend.

. Vehicle conditionAs a buyer, youre fully covered when buying a secondhand forklift. Secondhand Australian forklifts are required by law to be fully serviced and in good operating condition. In ct, forklift service companies are in competition, so they make sure their forklifts are in great condition for sale. When sold, theyre usually under a standardwarranty.

Save money, get a good forklift and get your business rolling for less upfront cost. Its a pretty persuasive argument for costconscious businesses. If you need multiple forklifts, its an even better deal. The bottom line is always well covered when you buy your forklift second hand.

lift truck gLift Truckearbox

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Changsha Great Construction Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

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or other products of your own company?Display your Products FREE now!

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Havent found the right supplier yet ? Let matching verified suppliers find you.

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Hengshui Shengding Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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